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Steam fantasy city builder gets massive update and hefty discount

The new update to Songs of Syx brings fresh changes to a fantasy strategy game reminscient of Against the Storm, Factorio, and Frostpunk 2.

Fantasy city builder gets big update, discount: An overhead view of buildings and fields, from Songs of Syx.

Over the course of four years, Songs of Syx creator Gamatron AB has been hard at work on an absolutely enormous take on the city builder. With genre inspirations ranging from the fantasy elements of Against the Storm and the grim tone of Frostpunk 2 or Manor Lords to the grand scale strategy of Civilization 6, Age of Empires 4, Total War: Rome, and Pharaoh, Songs of Syx is a complex and unique game whose ongoing progress we’ve been watching closely. The latest development in its making comes in the form of a giant update, which is live now and is accompanied by a hefty Steam discount.

Songs of Syx‘s version 0.66 update brings a number of changes and additions to the strategy game. In a video detailing this update, Gamatron AB (or Jake) starts off by saying that he believes the game should be out in 1.0 either this fall or early spring 2025. He then goes on to show off and explain aspects of the update, mentioning that he’s toned down the difficulty of the early game and is working to balance how tough the experience is over the length of a run while explaining his design ethos.

The video mentions that new drinks have been introduced to taverns, buildings like stockades and massage parlors added, aspects of the visuals overhauled, and tweaks made to region development paths and faction AI. New modes have been added, too, like one-off battles, user made custom games, and a game editor that lets players more easily make their own mods.

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Songs of Syx has an unlimited demo available, which means you can give the game a very thorough look before picking it up. It’s also currently discounted by 20%, making it $19.99 USD / £16.79. Grab the demo or a copy of the game right here.

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