Sonic Mania’s intro taps into our Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia

sonic mania opening animation

Ahead of the release on Tuesday next week, Sega has revealed a Saturday morning-style cartoon version of Sonic Mania. It makes sense, Sonic Mania is a new game built in the style of the original side-scrolling Sonic games. There are some mod-cons, like a higher framerate and the option to play as bothKnuckles and Tails.

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The intro really squeezes the nostalgia glands, with a solid minute of bright, playful animation and an upbeat chiptune.

This comes at an important time for the franchise, as we reported a month ago. The release of this and Sonic Forces will determine where it will go in the future, especially with the fact this is made not in house, but by indie developers Headcannon and PagodaWest Games.