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Sonic movie 2 post-credits tease the Sonic 3 villain

The Sonic movie 2 post-credits scene suggests a dark twist for the Sonic 3 villain, and confirms a number of rumours - contains spoilers for the movie

The Sonic movie 2 post-credits scene reveals a dark twist for Sonic 3

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is out now, and the Sonic movie 2 post-credits scene offers a big tease for the planned storyline in the platform game film sequel. The Sonic movie 3 villain is seemingly confirmed, and there’s the possibility that Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik may not be back.

In February this year, Paramount confirmed that Sonic 3 has already been greenlit – along with a live-action spin-off TV show for the Idris Elba-voiced Knuckles. Speculation has been rife amongst fans as to what the storyline for the third movie could be, especially as director Jeff Fowler confirmed that they’ll be “cherry-picking” from the games rather than following in chronological order.

A further complication arose yesterday when Jim Carrey suggested he might retire from acting, which would leave Sonic 3 without Dr. Robotnik. However, with Sonic 2 now out, the movie’s post-credits scene clearly reveals the villain of the next film – and confirms some fan theories, too.

Spoilers for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie follow!

Sonic movie 2 post-credits scene explained

Sonic 2’s post-credits scene not only reveals that, unsurprisingly, Robotnik didn’t die in the final battle, but also confirms that Shadow the Hedgehog is the focus for Sonic 3 – and is likely the main villain. The sequel’s logo was also revealed in February, showing a red and black “3” – which fans theorised as denoting Shadow. It seems they were correct.

The scene directly shows the character but also references “Project Shadow”, the genetics program started by Robotnik’s grandfather that created Shadow, as seen in Sonic Adventure 2. Along with the movie’s introduction of the organisation G.U.N., it seems like Paramount is skipping straight to the events of Sonic Adventure 2. Prepare for the Sonic DeviantArt community to have a meltdown if they introduce Rouge the Bat.

As for Sonic in games, Sonic Frontiers is supposedly out this November and it’ll be an open-world game for the first time in the series.

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