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Does Sons of the Forest have character creation?

If you want to know if there is Sons of the Forest character creation, we have been wondering the same thing, so here’s what we know.

Sons of the Forest character creation: The player touches and looks at Kelvin's face in a bid to wake him from his head injury

Does Sons of the Forest have character creation? It’s a fair question since its predecessor – The Forest – had no character creation options and minimal character customisation. As a first-person game, you can’t see your character’s face anyway, but what about if you’re playing multiplayer? And what if you want to play as a female presenting character? These are options players have been asking for in The Forest 2.

Most new survival games begin with a character creation screen, allowing you to tweak your character’s look to your liking – whether that’s to look like you or something more fitting who you wish you were. In a time of increased diversity and inclusion, it’s always a surprise when games don’t offer this option, or at least a choice of protagonist. Since there are no custom characters in The Forest’s single-player mode, and only random pre-made characters assigned to each person in its multiplayer mode, you are probably wondering if Sons of the Forest character creation is available in the sequel.

Sons of the Forest character creation: The player character, in first-person view, walks behind Kelvin, the AI companion, through the forest

Sons of the Forest character customisation

There is no character customisation in Sons of the Forest, and you are thrown straight into the action as the standard protagonist. There is no option to play as a female character, or change your features or skin colour, but you can collect and craft clothing items, including Sons of the Forest armor, along the way.

We’ll update this guide with additional information if character customisation gets added to the game after early access, or if anyone creates a mod to enable the feature in the future. In the meantime, check you can run the open-world game by looking at the Sons of the Forest system requirements, and prepare yourself for the onslaught of terrifying Sons of the Forest mutants and cannibals.