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How to use a Sons of the Forest turtle shell

The Sons of the Forest turtle shell can be obtained by killing harmless little turtles, but differs in use from Endnight’s last game, The Forest.

Sons of the Forest turtle shell use: A turtle shambles across the coastline in Sons of the Forest, surrounded by sand and shells

How do you use the Sons of the Forest turtle shell? Killing a turtle is one of many ways of getting meat, one of the best food sources for survival, but is there anything you can use a turtle shell for in Sons of the Forest?

If you find yourself struggling to survive, even with our Sons of the Forest tips and tricks, it’s important to remember the basics; food and water. Knowing how to find water and a good source of grub is essential to keeping your stamina up, and turtles are just one of the many food sources in the survival horror game – and among the easiest to kill thanks to their inability to run away. So if you’d rather not turn to cannibalism just yet, head to the beach for some meat and a Sons of the Forest turtle shell.

Sons of the Forest turtle shell: The player holds the turtle shell out in front of them in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest turtle shell use

In The Forest, the Sons of the Forest predecessor, turtle shells had a range of uses which made them one of the more popular items to collect. Not only can you place a turtle shell on sticks to collect rainwater, but you can also use them as a sled to move around in the snow more quickly. In Sons of the Forest though, it seems the use of the turtle shell has changed ever so slightly.

While you can still craft a rain catcher with the turtle shell, you can no longer use it to scoot along on icy surfaces. Which is a shame.

That might not be the answer you were expecting, but we’ll be back to update this guide if any change is made to the usefulness of the Sons of the Forest turtle shell. In the meantime, there are plenty of other items to put to use in the crafting game, such as the flashlight and even creepy cannibal flesh. Again, things are still set to change in the survival game, but be sure to check out our Sons of the Forest review to see what we make of it so far.