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Soul Axiom unleashes from Early Access come February 29th

Soul Axiom release date

Soul Axiom is a rad as hell indie game I’ve had my eye for about a year after playing an Early Access build. It’s a first person puzzle-adventure, along the same lines as something like The Witness but with less line drawing, a bit more massive structure moving through magic powers. It has a brilliant style to it, all set within a digital realm which all of humanity has supposedly evolved to inhabit. A mixture of ancient Egypt, barren landscapes and giant neon structures that fire laserbeams was all within the first twenty minutes or so if I remember right. It’s very cool and it’s about to enter its full release version at the end of this month.

Another one to the upcoming PC games list for February/March.

This trailer’s from a year back, but it gets the point across:

As you might have guessed from that timeframe, Wales Interactive have been doing the Early Access Shake for a long while, since November 2014. Over that time they’ve slowly expanded from an initial couple of levels into a massive, 15 hour adventure. They’ve been positively received by a small but dedicated community that whole time and recently announced that the game is content complete.

It means the final chapter of the game can now be played, bringing with it a wide swathe of endings. They’re pick ‘n’ choosers rather than based on your actions throughout, but each has multiple scenarios within it. They aren’t totally done, so if you do grab it on Steam now expect a couple of bugs, as mentioned in that post, but you can get from A to B as far as completion goes.