Steam Next Fest’s best Metroidvania launches in May

One of our favourite Steam Next Fest demos was for the challenging Metroidvania, Souldiers, which now has a release date set for this May

Souldiers release date: A dragon breathes fire across a 2D castle interior

After impressive early trailers and a great Steam Next Fest demo, it’s time to add another Metroidvania to your Steam wishlist – the Souldiers release date has been confirmed for May. The game aims to blend “puzzle platforming, Metroidvania exploration, and crunchy Soulslike combat” according to the official blurb, and judging by the early looks, it’s going to make good on that promise.

The Souldiers release date is set for May 19 on PC via Steam, as well as Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

“Souldiers merges 90s side-scrolling action/adventure games with more contemporary design principles,” creative director Alberto Hernández says in a press release. “We wanted to capture the speed and legibility of the classic 2D Metroidvanias with the complex combat system of a more modern affair, letting players tailor their hero to their specific playstyle. We think it’s the perfect marriage of old and new and we can’t wait for everyone to play Souldiers when it comes out May 19.”

The demo is still available on Steam, if you want to give it a try for yourself.

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