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Steam’s hottest new survival game is already cooking lots of upgrades

Colossal new Steam survival game Soulmask is already making a big splash, and developer Campfire Studio has lots more updates in the works.

Soulmask update promises a first round of new features coming to Steam's hottest survival game - A woman wearing a golden mask.

Boasting more than 200,000 sales in its first week and a largely positive reception from players, Soulmask is aiming to contend with giants such as Valheim, Rust, Ark, and Palworld for the title of the best survival game on Steam. But it’s still early days, and developer Campfire Studio notes that despite the good reviews, “we are not good enough yet.” In its latest Soulmask update, the team details some of the key bugs it’s working on fixing, along with several requested upgrades that are on the way.

With promises of playtimes extending into the hundreds of hours, Soulmask is quite the undertaking, so it’s understandable that some issues have arisen during its early access launch. The vast survival game has a few “serious issues,” Campfire says, along with some more minor gripes, but these are in the process of being addressed.

Among the most severe issues is death packages disappearing, which is obviously a big problem if you lose everything before you have the chance to get it back. If this happens, Campfire says you need to reset all your settings to default through the ‘advanced settings’ menu, then change the ‘Death Package auto-destruction time’ to your desired length.

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Campfire also addresses some other common complaints, such as tribesmen getting stuck, not being able to capture mounts successfully, and minerals appearing that can’t be collected. The team has recorded many of the problem areas and is working on ways to optimize tribesman AI to ensure these issues are smoothed out.

So what’s next? “Backpack filtering and sorting optimization is already in the works, and we’re currently testing its stability,” the team says. That’s great news if you’re having trouble staying on top of your inventory, as you should be able to quickly arrange and find all your items. “Please give us a little more time, it’ll be available soon.”

Another popular request is for the 50 tribesman limit to be raised, although Campfire notes that it’s considering how this will affect balance. “In the future, we will consider a mechanism where the tribesmen limit slightly increases with each new member added. The main issue here is fairness, so please give us more time to make these adjustments.”

Soulmask - A settlement backed by a large stone tower in the mountains.

Diseases are being toned down slightly to ensure they won’t wipe out your entire tribe. Some keybinding options have already been introduced, with more “on the way, including the space key.” And finally, the team is considering adding a mechanic where fighting a boss with teammates causes the difficulty to scale up while also increasing drops “to ensure that each participant receives adequate essential items” without having to go through multiple attempts.

That’s all for today’s update, although the team says there’s still plenty more in the works to look forward to over the coming weeks and months.

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