Some South Park: The Fractured But Whole pre-orders are getting cancelled

Fractured But Whole release date

There has been a delay in the shipping of PC versions of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and some pre-orders are getting cancelled. The game is “currently unavailable” on Amazon, and may players are saying they haven’t received their copies despite preordering the game as early as December 2016. The game was due to release yesterday.

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An email received by PCGamesN showed a response from Ubisoft support to a player who had pre-ordered The Fractured But Whole. The email says “we’re reaching out to inform you that there will be a small delay in the fulfillment of your order due to a manufacturing issue.”

The email, which was sent on October 16, goes on to say that Ubisoft has provided a digital copy of the game that could be preloaded, and that the physical copy should have been received “later this week.” That digital code doesn’t work however, as it requires an activation code that comes with the physical copy, which players still do not have.

Several players on this Reddit thread suggest that Amazon support staff have told them that the retailer has not received any physical copies of the game. This post from the Ubisoft forums suggests that pre-orders have been cancelled by Ubisoft without consent.

At the time of writing, there appears to have been no official response from Ubisoft, but we’ve reached out to them for comment. We’ve also reached out to Amazon to find out why copies are not available.