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South Park won’t feature the first game’s censorship, which nobody demanded anyway

south park the fractured but whole

South Park’s nothing if not raunchy, which is why the Stick of Truth saw some of its content cut in various regions worldwide. That won’t be the case with upcoming sequel The Fractured But Whole, so you’ll be able to enjoy the full array of whatever explicitly ugly stuff Cartman and the gang have in store regardless of where in the world you’re playing the game.

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Ubisoft recently got their ratings for South Park: The Fractured But Whole back, and say that there were no issues with any region’s ratings board. “Everyone around the world will play the exact same content,” associate producer Kimberly Weigend tells the Daily Star. “It was such a bummer that certain people couldn’t play certain parts, but this time it seems to be more progressive and the ratings board must’ve been like ‘this isn’t so bad, let’s just go with it’.”

The implication that ratings boards were responsible for the first game’s cut content is more than a little misleading, however. Upon news that European versions of the Stick of Truth would be censored, PEGI claimed that the game had passed their scale for an 18 rating, allowing it to be sold throughout Europe. Ubisoft’s removal of scenes featuring an abortion clinic and an array of alien anal probing gags was apparently done for “marketing reasons.” The UK version on PC was uncut, but console versions were not – the whole story is a mess of mismatched content cutting across regions and platforms.

Of course, the massive, explicit sex scene where your parents make with the lovemaking while you do microscopic battle in their bed went uncensored worldwide, so there’s no telling what reasoning is going on behind any of these decisions. Regardless of the reasons why, rest assured that you’ll be able to see The Fractured But Whole’s full array of fractured buttholes (which I assume are many) wherever you live.