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Grab a free Steam beta key for 2024’s most promising new farming game

Southfield is a silly farming sim with ragdoll physics and crop breeding, and we've got 5,000 free Steam keys for the beta to give away.

A blue Bud holds a strawberry in Southfield, for which we have 5,,000 free Steam keys to give away.

Farming games require a lot of dedication, and it seems a new one is released every week thanks to the popularity of Stardew Valley, Satisfactory, Dreamlight Valley, and more. If you’re a fan of the genre, it might be hard to keep on top of the best upcoming farming games, but we can point you in the right direction – perhaps towards Southfield, which we’re giving away 5,000 Steam beta keys for.

Southfield is an all-new kind of farming sim thanks to the addition of hilarious ragdoll physics and mind-blowing crops that make it all the more challenging as you bumble about your farm sowing seeds, harvesting fruit, and building items. But they also make it all the more fun. As a Bud – a bouncy, blobby creature that grew from the ground itself – it’s up to you to get a farm running despite fantastical crop creations that might change shape, shock you, or even blow up in your face. Then combine them together to make even more wonderful plants.

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Once you overcome that hurdle, start automating things with machines that push, shoot, and sling your crops across your farm. Beware nightfall, though, and make sure you have a sturdy base built, as that’s when the Ruffians come out, adding a bit of lore and some extra challenge to your day.

We’ve got 5,000 free keys for the Southfield closed beta, giving you access to the unique farming game before anyone else – except the 4,999 others, but it’s still pretty cool. Sadly, you won’t be able to team up in multiplayer in the beta or early access versions, but this feature is expected to land later down the line.

The good news with this many keys is that there should be plenty to go around. To claim your free Southfield beta key, simply complete all of the steps below and your reward will be sent straight out to you. As we’re limited to 5,000, the competition widget below will close as soon as all keys have been claimed.

PCGN Southfield closed beta giveaway

The closed beta runs from May 21 until May 31 and will give you a taste of what to expect once Southfield is ripe and released into early access. While you wait, you could always jump back into Stardew Valley with the best Stardew Valley mods around, or even switch to one of the greatest games like Stardew Valley to get your farming fix. Alternatively, you can explore the building side of things with our favorite building games for 2024.