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Design a fleet of zombie-killing spaceships in Space Pirates and Zombies 2, out now


Space Pirates and Zombies, better known as SPAZ, was an indie hit in which you built up a fleet of ships – researching and customising each – to save a persistent, procedural galaxy from an invasion of space zombies. It was good, compulsive fun, and the sequel is due to leave early access today.

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SPAZ 2 makes a number of refinements, including a fully physics-based 3D environment in which everything is destructible, and will take damage from impacts – grabbing and throwing space debris at your enemies is one tactic.

Naturally, zombies aren’t the only other presence in the galaxy – each game can sustain 200 rival AI captains who can do everything you can. That means building structures, controlling territory, going to war, and forging dynamic factions. It’s equal parts strategy game, ship design simulator, and action game.

Using 90 settings sliders, you can customise the galaxy itself, like some sort of God. Your options include its size and shape, the maximum size of ships, and how quickly they can reload their weapons. If you own a Rift or a Vive, you can even play the whole game in virtual reality.

You may have heard that SPAZ 2 scrapped a planned multiplayer mode earlier this year, but that doesn’t seem to have dented enthusiasm too much – it’s sitting on an 81% approval rating since its early access launch last May.

Sound good? You can pick it up on Steam for £14.99, or $19.99.