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Sparc, the actual best game in VR, delayed on PC

Sparc in-game

Sparc is the most impressive VR game I’ve ever demoed: a full-body sport that incorporates throwing, dodging, and as many off-putting gestures as you can lob at your opponent. Which is why it’s a shame we’ll be waiting longer for the finished version than our friends on the PS4.

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Eve developers CCP announced today that Sparc will be coming first to PlayStation VR in the third quarter of 2017. Which means we won’t be getting it until a little while afterwards.

There’s a whooshing, walloping new E3 trailer above if you feel like letting Sony rub it in further. There you can see Sparc in action: a two-player ball sport in which the goal is to avoid being hit by any means necessary – sidesteps, star jumps, or blocking with your energy shield.

It’s simple, but there’s an immediacy and intensity that’s difficult to convey in video or text. Thankfully you probably will get to try it if you want to: I’ve played using the Oculus Rift, and CCP will be speaking publicly about the PC version later on this year.

“We want to create plasma-clad sporting champions in living rooms via the virtual court,” executive producer Morgan Godat says, “where challengers will meet and compete with other players from around the world.”

A worthy goal. Until it makes its way to us, you can read about playing Sparc in our preview.