New Steam deckbuilder mixes Slay the Spire and Dicey Dungeons, out now

A healthy mix of Dicey Dungeons and Slay the Spire, SpellRogue is a new roguelike deckbuilder published by the Deep Rock Galactic studio.

SpellRogue Steam: an evil looking man with a grin, red eyes and spikey red hair and a small beard

If, like me, you’re a massive fan of the roguelike genre, then the new Steam Early Access game SpellRogue is for you. Combining the turn-based deckbuilding of Slay the Spire with Dicey Dungeons’, well, dice rolling, the newest entry in the genre is being published by the developer of Deep Rock Galactic too.

SpellRogue is all about rolling dice and using them to cast spells. Dice rolls influence and enhance exactly what each spell can do, and each spell then acts like a card in a deckbuilder. You’ll be crafting and upgrading spells, enchanting those spells and the dice you use, and slaying your way through three separate acts of this new card game.

Despite only being in Steam Early Access, SpellRogue is launching with over 200 spells, 100 artifacts, 60 enemies, and three different wizard archetypes that are all about using water, earth, and fire mechanics while you play.

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SpellRogue is being published by Ghost Ship Publishing, the publisher arm of the developer behind Deep Rock Galactic. The early access launch is now live on Steam; you can find it right here. I’m a massive fan of Slay the Spire and Dicey Dungeons, so SpellRogue is one I’m going to continue keeping an eye on.

During Steam Early Access, Guidelight Games is also looking to add an air-themed wizard, extra bosses and enemies, spells, artifacts, and extra mechanics.

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