You can now play Spelunky 2 on Steam

There's a nifty 10% discount to bring in the occasion, too.

Good news everyone! Spelunky 2 is finally available on Steam. No longer do we have to look at our console comrades while green in the face with envy. Mossmouth’s latest spelunk ’em up is now on PC with a nifty 10% discount to boot, meaning you can pick it up for just £13.94 / $17.99. That’s a steal.

There are oodles of things you’ll recall from the original. You’re still trying to make your way through caves to reach the end. You will die a bunch, and the cave will change each time – gah! There is a set of rules you’ll come to recognise, though. Spiders will drop straight down before hopping after you, and if you meet the gaze of a stone-faced statue an arrow will come your way shortly after.

There are new things, too. Rideable animals give you something else to think about while you’re trying to reach the end of each level. The turkey, for example, will frantically rush around before calming down. I died one time because mine ran into a bed of spikes – whoops. There are sparkling new enemies and traps to deal with, too. One critter you’ll meet pretty early is a horned-lizard that will roll around like a wrecking ball when provoked.

What freshens up the experience is how everything interacts with each other. Sometimes you’ll get mullered by a yellow, rolling lizard. Other times they’ll do you a solid by rolling into a statue and tripping its trap.

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