The PC Master Race subreddit has a cameo in Spider-Man Homecoming


A new trailer just dropped for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the much-anticipated movie reboot of Marvel’s most agile superhero, finally back where he belongs. It’s a decent enough trailer, but that’s not why I’m writing about it on a website called PCGamesN.

There’s no Spider-Man game coming to PC, but check out our list of upcoming PC games for the rest.

The PC Master Race subreddit is all excited today, because it turns out their logo is in the new trailer. It’s on a kid’s laptop, along with the ‘rage face’ and ‘this is fine’ memes. Ahh, 2017, you are a weird, weird year. If there’s a Harambe joke in the movie I’m boycotting it.

Here’s a still from the trailer:


So yeah, there you have it – the subreddit is famous.

If you’re completely confused about what the PC Master Race subreddit is and how it came to be, let me give you a bit of abridged internet history…

Zero Punctuation’s The Witcher review basically mocked PC gamers for being elitist, using what’s now the subreddit’s logo to show how they look down on console owners. A subset of the PC gaming community then embraced this meme and turned it into what they see as a proud heritage, spawning endless memes and countless images of mouth-watering PC-build porn.

The meme is so popular now that it’s in a massive blockbuster. Got it? Okay. Cheers.