Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming and the little code who could (save you 25% off some PC games)


Once upon a Friday, a plucky young code named GMG25-T6JV8-1NPBA set out to discover the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, and was incredibly disappointed to learn just a few short hours later that her sole purpose was to slash the prices of a selection of PC games by 25% for the duration of the weekend, region restrictions willing.

Still, I don’t see why we shouldn’t benefit from her tragedy. GMG are also offering 80% off Dear Esther and a significant amount off Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That code again: GMG25-T6JV8-1NPBA. That’s your ticket to 25% off Air Buccaneers, for instance, until 6pm GMT on Tuesday 12th.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 35% off UK only, 25% off for everyone else

Rush Bros – 35% off

Dear Esther – 80% off

Miner Wars 2081 – 50% off

Disclosure o’clock: GMG are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN, who we are very happy to be working with. They keep us informed about new deals and special offers, but don’t have editorial approval over anything that we write up here. If it wasn’t for them, Julian would have left on that damn boat with Hugo Weaving.