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Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming’s Easter deals include up to 75% off Codemasters games


Fzznk. I am the PCGamesN deals robot and I must obey the three laws of robotics: do not harm a human being; obey the rest of the PCGamesN staff; let our readers know about the latest deals from Green Man Gaming. Sadly, I have breached the first two many times, so now I must strive to fulfill the third. Prepare for an update on the many, many deals that are coming!

First up, humans, prepare yourself for this 20% discount voucher code. This voucher is valid on hundreds of titles across the site, from Scribblenauts Unlimited (which is already enjoying a 50% discount) to LEGO Lord of the Rings:


That voucher is valid until 16:00 GMT on April 2. It excludes a few selected titles and you may not combine its powers with other vouchers like… this next one!

Bzt! There’s also 25% off selected pre-purchase games if you use this voucher code:


It will cut the price of forthcoming titles like Defiance, Dead Island Riptide and Metro: Last Light. Be sure to use before 17:00 GMT on April 5.

There are enormous savings on Codemasters games!

There’s up to 75% off Codemasters games this Easter, and that includes titles like F1 2012, Operation Flashpoint Red River, Dirt 3, Damnation and many more.

There are Tomb Raider deals waiting to be looted!

GMG have knocked 25% off the latest Tomb Raider and up to 50% off other selected Tomb Raider games, including Tomb Raider 1-6. That is a lot of Tomb Raiders! Zzzznk!

Saints Row the Third is a third off its usual price!

That means there’s a whopping 66% discount on the game. The discount also extends to DLC like the Warrior Pack, Witches and Wieners, and the Season Pass.

Save up to 75% off Plugin Digital titles!

That 75% has been cut from games like WRC 2, WRC3, Judge Dee and Toilet Tycoon.

EA games are on special offer!

Customers in Europe and North America can feast their eyes on a selection of EA offers that start on March 29 at 17:00 GMT. Be there, or… be late, if you want fleshbags. The deals run all the way until April 11!

Be aware that some offers may be subject to region restrictions.

Full disclosure: Very likely not a real robot. Green Man Gaming are PCGamesN’s advertisers and sponsors. We’re very happy to be able to work with them and let you know about their special offers, but they have no editorial approval over anything we write and we will always let you know when a post is sponsored. If it wasn’t for them, Steve would likely have cooked and eaten another of his limbs by now.