Squad gets mortars, mines, IEDs and a new APC in Alpha 9.4 update, live now | PCGamesN

Squad gets mortars, mines, IEDs and a new APC in Alpha 9.4 update, live now

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Tactical team shooter Squad is getting a bunch of new toys. Though developers Offworld Industries are focused on the big version 10 release, they say they “just couldn’t let you sit around for months and not get some cool stuff in the meantime.”

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Hence, alpha version 9.4 has just gone live. As you can see from the trailer, it adds some “juicy” (Offworld’s word) new gear, such as mortars, mines, IEDs and a few new vehicles. These will be available for all factions, and there are some gameplay changes and balance tweaks incoming as well. 

The full change log is available on the game’s website, but key changes include:

  • Added 1 TM-62 anti tank mine, one large IED, an IED phone detonator and 5 decoy rocks to the Scout kit.
  • Added deployable rocks and covers to the Scout class for mine concealment.
  • Added M1937 82mm Mortar for Insurgents and Militia, 2B14 Podnos 82mm Mortar for Russia and M252 81mm Mortar for the US army.
    • Costs 300 construction points and are limited to 2 per FOB. Mortars come with a 'magazine' of 3 rounds at the ready, reloading this magazine costs 90 ammo points from the FOB.
  • The current set of mortars in Squad has about 1230m effective range on a level surface; you will have to migrate your fire support battery to a closer FOB if you cannot reach your target.
    • All mortars fire standard high explosive rounds - more options will be available in the future.
    • Tip: using the arrow keys on your keyboard will add/subtract 1 mil from your current angle. 
  • Added M-ATV MRAP Heavy Jeep for US; comes both with and without CROWS. 
  • Added MT-LBM 6MA variant (armed with a KPVT 14.5mm turret) for Russia.

Squad is in early access on Steam here, where it's rated 83% positive, and will set you back £29.99 ($39.99).

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Segur ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽/ Avatar
Segur ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽/(9 days 9 hours played)
10 Months ago

I'm really loving this game. Not quite the P.R. of old but lots of solid game-play and very active/dedicated devs. The community can be quite toxic with a lot of random elitism and age-ism. Things like "I've been playing X since before you were born," or "I served in X military so shut up," are rampant on many servers. Not exactly friendly to newer folks but some people make an effort to teach them.