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Card game city builder Stacklands is getting DLC

New Stacklands DLC is coming to the trending card game city builder on Steam, despite developer Sokpop Collective not usually going in for updates

New Stacklands DLC is planned for the unique and trending card game city builder

Fans of this unique card game village builder from Sokpop Collective can expect to see some Stacklands DLC in due course, despite the developer usually specialising in quick monthly games. However, this quirky city-building game has proved popular enough to merit new content updates.

Sokpop Collective is an unusual indie game developer, in that the team usually focuses on short, quick gaming experiences that are released monthly. Stacklands is the latest game to be released with this philosophy, and due to Sokpop’s goal to release a game every month, it was not expected to receive any updates.

However, the game’s fun mix of card game and village builder was high on Steam’s new and trending list, and according to Sokpop, was “so well received” that the team is going to start rolling out “multiple updates” to add new content – for free, it seems. The developer plans to release this DLC “between mid-May and the end of June”, with each one adding “50 to 100 cards”.

Stacklands designer Aran says, “we already have some very exciting ideas for new content that will both alter the current game, and add new stuff on top of it”. After these updates, the game will move to version 2.0 and possibly get a price increase – so you better pick it up sooner rather than later, if you want to get Stacklands for its current price.

Stacklands isn’t the only card game receiving updates, either – Slay the Spire just got a big fan expansion for free.

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