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Stylish speedrunning platformer Standby slides onto Steam

Standby Slide

With AGDQ 2017 happening this week, speedrunning is going to become the topic du jour as thousands tune in to see games being completed at lightning fast speeds. With that on everyone’s minds, now is the perfect time to release a game all about twitch reflexes and beating levels as fast as possible.

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Developed by Noclip (not to be confused with documentary series Noclip), Standby is a stylish platformer which sees players navigating through glitched out levels, trying to get to the end in the fastest time.

Designed in the same vein as other precision platformers like Super Meat Boy, Standby is about grinding through level after level, shaving milliseconds of your best times as you master tricks to make your next run that bit quicker. It’s not just running and jumping though, Standby has you sliding up and across slopes and ceilings, shooting through walls to keep your momentum up and dashing through teleporters and deadly traps to make that recording breaking time.

When you combine this with a thumping electronic soundtrack, a glitchpunk art style and silky smooth controls, you’ve got a platformer and speedrunner’s paradise. With an in-built speedrunning mode, I’d expect it to become a regular feature at future Games Done Quick events, joining the twitch platformer pantheon alongside Dustforce and I Wanna Be The Guy.

Standby is out now on Steam for $7.99/£5.59, with a 15% discount up until January 13.