Star Citizen commercial shows off the Freelancer ship

Freelancer Ship Commerical

Surfing on the wave from the long awaited dogfighting module release, Roberts Space Industries has produced another commercial for one of their ship line-ups. The 2944 MISC Freelancer is a vessel used to transport goods between stations while also equipped to defend itself against those nasty pirates. It also comes in various models to suit any players needs.

Players have finally managed to get their hands on the pre-alpha game with the dogfighting module that released a few days ago, after much delay.

The 2944 MISC Freelancer is ship built for hauling cargo. Don’t be fooled however, as any fool-hardy pirates wanting their grubby hands on it will be in for a surprise.

The Freelancer comes in three different models: the DUR is a long-duration explorer ship, MAX expands the cargo capacity to pack in even more goods, and finally the MIS is actually a missile boat designed for heavy combat.

What do you think of the Freelancer?