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Star Citizen's dogfighting module has now left the hangar

These asteroids mark out the arena we could be commanding, were we good enough at barrel rolls.

Star Citizen attracted a long sigh of comments when Chris Roberts and co. delayed the game’s dogfighting module, Arena Commander, just hours before its intended release to backers. Too many overlarge bugs remained uncaught, which meant last week belonged instead to chief rival Elite: Dangerous and its premium beta.

Backers have tracked Cloud Imperium’s progress down the Star Citizen buglist ever since, and last night celebrated when they reached the bottom. Arena Commander v0.8 is here.

We’re promised that the launch trailer is composed entirely of in-game footage. You’ll soon understand why that’s necessary - Arena Commander’s asteroid belt ballistics look almost too good to be code.

Arena Commander is exclusively about dogfighting and flight, and plugs into Star Citizen’s already-released hangar module.

It’s still very much in development and comes with all the subject-to-change warnings you’d expect - but early reports suggest the module is already “too exciting” for coherent feedback.

“JUST FLEW MY 300i, HORNET AND AURORA... AND ITS ****ING AMAZING......,” posted forumite Terra Incognita. “SERIOUSLY... THIS GAME IS AWESOME.....”

It’s not all of Star Citizen, though - we’re still waiting on the social module that’ll allow visits between hangars, the single player alpha named Squadron 42, and the eventual persistent universe - expected partway through 2015.

Is this terribly expensive space sim coming along quickly enough for your tastes?

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bryant avatarDog Pants avatarExplorerBoy avatar
bryant Avatar
3 Years ago

No. It's not. We want it yesterday.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

As much as I'd love to be playing it right now, my first thought was "shit, I haven't got an Oculus yet." So I'm content to wait a bit longer.

ExplorerBoy Avatar
3 Years ago

This seems very familiar