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All Star Citizen backers can fly any ship they like for free until October 17

Star Citizen free ships

Star Citizen’s having a little celebration post-CitizenCon. Anyone with access to the game, which is most backers, can fly any ship they like until Monday. This only includes ones that are actually implemented, obviously, but that’s still a fair raft of spacecraft to give a shot to.

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It’s proving rather popular, and is likely to be an equally sound business move once some eager flyers lose their access and decide they’d rather like to have their big beefy capital ship back. Plus, there’s probably a few who will put some money in just to try it now. That can be done through Star Citizen’s still rather-confusing store.

It’s being seen as something of an apology to the community for not moving as fast as they’d like – a problem Roberts Space Industries is going to be wrestling with for some time, no doubt. It has definitely gone down well, however.

Star Citizen’s single-player component – which my StarLancer-nostalgic brain is rather looking forward to – was sadly delayed into 2017 at CitizenCon. Its original target was this year so it probably isn’t too far off, but you likely would have said the same about the game as a whole in 2014.