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Here’s how to get naked and turn into a golf ball in Star Citizen

The golf ball bug is hilarious and terrifying

The golf ball bug was first found in Star Citizen quite some time ago, and it’s never disappeared from the game entirely. The glitch is entirely reproducible, it’s been acknowledged by the developers, and it’s still in the game more than a year after it was discovered. It’s a terrible, game-breaking bug if it happens to you, but it also lets you turn into a golf ball, and that’s incredible.

As the user-submitted description on the official bug tracker says, ”spamming the ‘save and equip changes’ button in the equipment manager while being naked and while the equipment manager itself is loading will make you invisible and turn into a golf ball after relogging in.” You can find the steps to reproduce it at the link, but you may want to think twice before doing it for fun.

One unfortunate Redditor says that “while the bug sounds hilarious, it’s a fucking nightmare. Got stuck as a golf ball for three weeks. It doesn’t just delete your character. It deletes your entire gear loadout, including your mobi. Which means you have no means of changing your loadout and are trapped at Olisar.”

Here’s a video reproducing the steps.

And one of the golf ball you become when you log back in.

So be careful next time you’re naked. You never know what could happen.

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Items like the Coda have shown us plenty of bizarre, non-sequiturial Star Citizen bugs in the past. If turning into a golf ball is a little too permanent for you, why not try a gun that fires feet?