Star Citizen’s single-player spin-off won’t be launching in 2017

Squadron 42

We’ve already waited a while for Squadron 42, the standalone single-player Star Citizen game, and it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer. Recent comments for the game’s development team suggest it’s very unlikely the game will release before 2018.

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Squadron 42 was initially expected to release in 2016, but developers Cloud Imperium eventually put paid to those ideas. With a 2017 release still possible, players assumed that the game might appear at this year’s CitizenCon, but over the weekend Cloud Imperium said that wouldn’t be happening.

Instead, chairman and CEO of the company Chris Roberts wrote that “Squadron 42 will be the focus of our holiday livestream in December, where we will preview some gameplay and share our roadmap for its completion.”

Roberts says the Squadron 42 team has “been making good progress,” and that “I am confident it’s going to be worth the wait.” If we won’t even be seeing Squadron 42 until December, I’d expect Squadron 42 in mid 2018. CitizenCon begins on October 27.