Star Citizen fans ask for a Squadron 42 update, get a roadmap for when they’ll get a roadmap

"While it’s not quite ready, it’s currently top priority on the web team’s current projects"

Following calls for better communication around the progress of Star Citizen’s single-player spin-off campaign Squadron 42, developer Cloud Imperium Games has released a roadmap for, uh, when you can expect a new development roadmap.

“While it’s not quite ready, it’s currently top priority on the web team’s current projects,” reads an update on the developer’s website from CIG staffer Zyloh. “In the immediate future, we plan to deliver the following communications. Give an explanation of the goals of our new roadmap and what to expect from it. Show a rough mockup of the proposed new roadmap. Share a work in progress version of the roadmap for at least one of our core teams and then finally transition to this new roadmap.”

The post goes on to explain that the team will be tackling those objectives in the given order and that a few weeks will be needed between each step. There’s no given date of when you can expect step one to happen, but it should be pretty soon if all things go to plan, according to the blog post.

One reason fans are annoyed is that CIG initially released a development roadmap back in March promising more regular updates on Squadron 42 – a game once slated for a 2016 release. After four months of waiting, though, that didn’t really happen, and so fans took to Reddit to voice their frustrations. Further addressing that, Cloud Imperium Games said the following:

“The new roadmap is something we hinted at in March but because that is still very much in development, we can’t share as much about it as I would like,” the update reads. “Believe me when I say I’m personally very eager to release it to you. We took the time to explore options for how we could better represent our progress, and I believe we are getting close to landing in a pretty great spot.”

CIG says its goal for the new roadmap is to give you better visibility on what the teams are working on, the progress they’re making, and the size and scale of it all. “The new roadmap will focus more on breaking out teams and features so you can interactively see what is being worked on across all teams,” the statement reads. “As opposed to what features will make X release.”

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