Star Citizen asks us all to daydream about space with a trailer of all its best bits

Star Citizen Imagine

Star Citizen has raised another $4.7 million dollars since we last wrote about it, just over three weeks ago; it’s potential seems about as endless as that of our own universe. To celebrate this monumental year for the game coming to a close, Cloud Imperium Games – fronted by director Chris Roberts – has released a spectacle filled trailer showing off how far Star Citizen has come to date.

Warning: goosebumps will be felt.

It’s been a little over two years since Chris Roberts approached Kickstarter with the idea of Star Citizen, and while that particular campaign finished with a very impressive $6 million dollars raised, nothing and no one could predict the amount backed today. At the time of writing, $67,559,664 american dollars have been committed to the games development, with tens if not hundreds of new features and goals being added.

Even with the release of David Braben’s Elite: Dangerous – which Chris Roberts himself congratulated – Star Citizen’s promises of a building a universe with “unlimited gameplay”, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.