Here’s an in-depth look at Star Citizen’s intergalactic smartwatch, the mobiGlas

Star Citizen mobiGlas

Cloud Imperium are really concerned with Star Citizen’s small details, whether it’s simulating the gravity on different planets, rendering entire star systems, introducing a living economy, or making sure each character is kitted out with a smartwatch from the future. 

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The mobiGlas is a wrist-mounted display that projects a 3D UI into the world. It’s your menu screen, but it’ll be visible to anyone looking at you, not just yourself.

CIG built it this way so the tech would be immersive and also work with VR. In it, you can see your vitals, check a planet’s atmosphere, open up the galaxy map, and even do a spot of shopping.

You can see all that in the new Around the Verse video above. There’s also the debut of ‘Burndown’, a new section dedicated to being transparent with players about bug fixing – this week’s focuses on the long list of problems CIG need to deal with before the launch of Star Citizen 3.0, which recently got delayed.