Star Citizen’s SXSW trailer shows off the sprawling cities and sumptuous space

star citizen sxsw trailer roberts space infustries

Star Citizen’s SXSW trailer asks “What are your dreams?” For the past week I’ve been dreaming about meeting Taylor Swift. Generally it’s been before she goes on stage, we’ll meet in a corridor. I’ll say something like “You’re doing a great job, Taylor.” She’ll nod and go and sing her heart out, like the voice of our generation she is. I’ll wake up knowing I was in the presence of a queen.

Considering the next five minutes of Star Citizen’s trailer is showing off space battles, futuristic cities, and starships, I sense they were expecting me to dream of something else.

The trailer’s a montage of Star Citizen’s full spread of features. Back when I first backed it it was looking like a gloriously advanced Freespace successor, since then Roberts Space Industries have added first-person combat when you board enemy ships and stations, the ability to walk around on planets, ship races, all manner of fun stuffs:

The trailer makes all those added extras look compelling, and the orchestral score and questions about dreams and futures, etc is all very inspirational, but I’d still really like to see what they’ve done on Squadron 42.

Squadron 42 is Star Citizen’s campaign, which the team originally talked about back when they revealed the game. It’s designed to guide you through ship combat and introduce you to some of Star Citizen’s more advanced ships. While it likely won’t be part of the alpha and beta tests, it didn’t require all the planetary and first-person sections when it was originally pitched. I’d like to know if the campaign’s been delayed to get all these supplementary features included.

To be clear, I’m still looking forward to Star Citizen, it’s a very impressive looking game, but it’s moving further and further from what was originally pitched.

In other news, last week we found out that the game will be about 100GBs to download.