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Star Citizen shows us a peek behind the Squadron 42 curtain with Andy Serkis


A new Star Citizen behind the scenes video has been released to show off some of the motion capture work going into creating the alien antagonists of the game’s single-player portion, Squadron 42.

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Mr Performance Capture himself, Andy Serkis, is playing Squadron 42’s big bad guy, the leader of an alien race called the Vanduul.

The video shows Serkis and his co-star jumping around while wearing a crotch-hugging harness and pretending to be in the low gravity environment of the huge Vanduul ship.

We also get the first glimpse of the Vanduul’s native tongue, a guttural dialect developed by language creation experts. Serkis sounds brilliant in the one line we hear him shout – it’s a stark contrast from his usual friendly tones.

They’re going to release the language, too, so you’ll be able to understand what’s going on without subtitles if you put the effort in. I’m sure it’ll come in useful one day, honest.

Here’s the video:

Star Citizen’s persistent online world and its story-based single-player, Squadron 42, are now sold separately. This content split was introduced in February.