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Star Citizen stretch goals see funding top $47m as community votes for them to continue

The Khartu: a Star Citizen ship that uses several thrusters on articulated rigs. Like a jetpack, maybe?

Star Citizen’s Kickstarter campaign may have ended in November 2012, but its crowdfunding push never did. Kickstarter's original $2.1 million total now constitutes less than 5% of the frankly absurd $47m raised to fund the game’s development. Yet even as Chris Roberts raises concerns that developers Cloud Imperium will run out of meaningful ways to expand the eventual game, the Star Citizen community have voted for the stretch goals to keep coming.

Past goals have promised future Star Citizen players everything from extra missions and ship types when the game is released, to more frequent community updates on the game’s official website. A dedicated page over at Roberts Space Industries tracks progress to the latest unlock with a big, blue percentage bar.

Cloud Imperium recently asked Star Citizen pledgers whether they’d prefer the goals to stop - but 54% voted for them to continue, and Roberts has stated his intention to “honor that choice”.

“Every dollar supports Star Citizen’s persistent universe, but I’m not comfortable promising additional features with each million unless they’re truly additive,” he wrote

“When we have a new idea that really impacts the final game and needs the funding then we’ll offer it here. But you can expect a number of player rewards and new ways of highlighting Arena Commander as immediate goals.”

The $47m stretch goal was an engine tuning kit which will allow players to view and tweak their vessel’s energy output with ease. It will be the last player-voted reward item.

I honestly don’t know how Cloud Imperium work this way, continually expanding their scope even as they code the game. It’s clear they still have years of development ahead of them. Have you played around with Star Citizen’s alpha dogfighting module yet?

Cheers, Polygon.

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JamesIV4 Avatar
3 Years ago

I doubt they'll hit their target release with 100% of the final features in place. It's probably going to be more of an ongoing development process. Fine by me though

subedii Avatar
3 Years ago

Star Citizen's ever increasing moneypot feels so weird to me now. I pretty much backed it purely for the Singleplayer, which we've heard almost nothing about (and hey, I'm OK with that), but is making ridiculous amounts of money because everyone's piling on for an MMO that I feel like I _ought_ to be interested in but I'm not.

That said, one thing did give me a more hopeful spin on that. The quality of the ship trailers has been pretty consistently amazing so far. So if the "Wing Commander" style SP campaign is made up of stuff of that kind of quality, then they're already well on the way to impressing me.

nu1mlock Avatar
3 Years ago

I've backed Star Citizen and I'm really looking forward to it. However, sometimes it feels like they're being too ambitious. After all, it'll be released as soon as next year, although late next year.

oracnid Avatar
3 Years ago

How much does a 'normal' AAA game make? I wonder if anybody will be left to actually buy it when it hits the stores?

Tim Edwards Avatar
3 Years ago

I don't think the number of backers is actually particularly big, if you compared it with the typical sales of a AAA PC game. What's given them so much cash is that they've managed to raise a lot more cash per user than what you'd get from a standard sale.

I think they'll sell plenty, when it's available more generally.