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Is Star Citizen on Steam?

After years in the making, and with its spiritual successor Freelancer almost impossible to play now, can you find Star Citizen on Steam?

Is Star Citizen on Steam: a space ship flies through space.

Is Star Citizen on Steam? The open-world, massively multiplayer online space game has been over a decade in the making and has already been available to play for many years, despite not having been officially released yet. If you want to jump into your own spaceship and explore the Star Citizen universe right now, you might be wondering how to do so.

Steam is one of the most well-known and accessible platforms for PC gaming, and so we often wonder whether our favorite games can be played via the Steam library. Whether you’re looking to purchase Star Citizen on Steam or add the simulation game to your library retroactively, here’s what you need to know.

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Is Star Citizen on Steam?

No, Star Citizen is not available on Steam, nor is there a store page for when the game is fully released. To play the Alpha version of the unreleased game, you must purchase it directly from the game’s official website.

We don’t yet know if Star Citizen will be available to buy on Steam following an eventual Star Citizen release date, but the fact that there is still no store page for the game suggests otherwise – at least for now. If you want to play Star Citizen in Alpha, you can purchase one of two bundles from the official website.

How to add Star Citizen to Steam

You can add non-Steam games to your library via the ‘Add Non-Steam Game’ button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Steam app. If you already own Star Citizen, locate the file in the list or open it from your folders, and click ‘Add Selected Programs’. You can now launch Star Citizen from your Steam library.

If you aren’t sure whether to commit to the space game, keep an eye out for one of the regular Star Citizen free weekends, and find out here how to install the Star Citizen PTU if you plan to play. If you’d still rather stick with Steam, there are plenty of free Steam games you can try out instead, including other MMO games and space games.