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Star Citizen’s latest update lets you be a galactic scrap merchant

Star Citizen may still be in alpha, but its latest "Wrecks to Riches" update adds an intriguing new feature that lets you scrap ships.

A ship parked near a settlement, both look pretty grimy.

Ever wonder what happens to all the scrap when a space battle doesn’t go someone’s way? Star Citizen’s latest alpha update, Wrecks to Riches presents one slightly grim answer and lets you scrap ships for resources or credits.

The latest Star Citizen update is here for Chris Roberts’ ambitious space game, adding, amongst other things, the ability to salvage ships and strip them for scrap. Even better, Star Citizen promises to make you your own boss which, on paper, is preferable to breaking your back for some megacorp.

Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches is the appropriately-named update, the last one Space Citizen will be getting this year. It’s not as action-packed as the last update, certainly. But if you’re content to just potter your way through the universe it could be this update that has you hooked.

“Leave nothing behind and make the most of every wreck,” boasts the update. Collecting cargo containers is well and good but, as Hardspace: Shipbreaker fans know, there’s something deeply satisfying about just slicing up a ship. Or, in this case, part of a ship.

It also opens up some intriguing avenues for future gameplay. Want some quick cash? Lurk at the edges of a space battle and when the smoke settles, slip in and get slicing. Except, since Star Citizen is multiplayer, what happens when several players have the same idea? Will they be picking over your bones next?

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Planetside salvage is also now an option, and with 15 derelict settlements there’s there’s more to see and do when you touch down. Arena Commander, the Star Citizen module that lets you jump right into combat, has also had an update, with a new map, arena and a racetrack. On top of that, there a new hairstyles for that extra dose of style.

Then there are the new ships, such as the gorgeous looking Aopoa San’tok.yai which you can also buy with real money. Yes, the game is still doing that, and the ship in question will cost you £211/$220. That’s probably one of the reasons Star Citizen earned $3m in a single day.

Here’s everything introduced with this update. If you want to explore Star Citizen’s alpha it’s available now, starting at $39. Or if you’d prefer to explore other avenues, here are the best multiplayer games and the best simulation games.

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