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Star Citizen just set a staggering new funding record

Star Citizen has a massive new funding record, as the space simulator from Cloud Imperium earns more than $3 million in a single IAE day.

Star Citizen funding record: Mark Hamill from Cloud Imperium space game Star Citizen Squadron 42

Star Citizen is seriously picking up pace. First, we had the huge announcement and new trailers for Squadron 42, the Star Citizen single-player component starring Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman. Then came an extensive free-to-play period, to celebrate the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) 2953 – as a matter of fact, Star Citizen is still free to play right now. But this is perhaps the biggest win for Star Citizen of all recently, as the gigantic space sim from Cloud Imperium sets a whole-new funding record, pulling in more than $3 million of crowdfunding donations in just one day.

Star Citizen’s crowdfunding history is already extensive. Since launching more than ten years ago, the campaign to finance the huge space game has earned, as of this writing, an unfathomable $644,922,180 / £510,791,265. Squadron 42 is on its way, and Cloud Imperium is continually working to make the entire Star Citizen world seamless and persistent so that, eventually, everyone can play together at the same time.

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The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is an annual, in-game event in Star Citizen, where new ships are normally unveiled for the first time. IAE 2953, which began on Friday November 17, and runs until Thursday November 30, has been no different, with new models on show from Aegis, Origin, Drake, and more. Saturday November 25 however was showcase day for Roberts Space Industries, owned by Chris Roberts, founder of Cloud Imperium. And the new RSI vehicles certainly earned fans’ approval.

Based on figures from Cloud Imperium itself, and independent tracking website Star Citizen Funding Dashboard, on November 25, Star Citizen earned $3.5 million / £2.7 million within 24 hours, the highest single-day total in the simulation game’s entire history.

Star Citizen funding record: A graph showing funding for Cloud Imperium space game Star Citizen

RSI day is normally a flashpoint for donations – in 2022, it drew around $3.3 million / £2.6 million, and reached similar heights back in 2020. Nevertheless, this is a new record for Star Citizen, which is still yet to arrive at its full 1.0 release.

Star Citizen funding record: A graph representing funds for Cloud Imperium space game Star Citizen

Star Citizen is still free to play until the end of IAE on November 30. Squadron 42 meanwhile is now “feature complete” and entering the “polishing phase,” Cloud Imperium says.

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