Star Sapphire revealed as next Infinite Crisis champion just in time for Valentine’s Day

Star Sapphire in Infinite Crisis

The Star Sapphires or Violet Lanterns always make me grimace a little bit. They’re all women, wield the power of love, they’re all busty (even the aliens) and they dress up like this. It’s all a little creepy. Oh well. Comics!

Carol Ferris, the first human Star Sapphire, is Infinite Crisis’ newest champion, and thankfully the poor woman has found some clothes. She’s a ranged damage dealer, and you can take her for a spin come February 26th

Star Sapphire’s got a violet, monstrous predator that she can attack enemies with along with her projectiles, and using the power of love she can bond two champions together, making them take damage as long as they are connected. It’s just like a real relationship.

Her ultimate summons the predator, which roots and auto-attacks nearby enemies, and then the ultimate can be reactivated to give the beast movement and attack commands.

Infinite Crisis is still in closed beta, and you can sign up for it here.