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Battlefront 2’s first post-launch patch is here

star wars battlefront 2 class loot box

EA have been making plenty of changes to Star Wars Battlefront II, but the most public of these have been all about microtransactions and unlock balancing. But what about bug fixes and balance tweaks? The folks at EA have finally listened, providing the game’s first post-release patch filled with “general stability and performance improvements.”

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Cheeky comments about vague improvements aside, it’s a pretty standard patch with some basic tweaks like adjusting the spawn positions on the Tatooine map halving the spawn wave timer on Strike mode. This patch is focused on problems the developers found “during the later stage of development,” as well as general game and UI improvements.

Of course, any update for Battlefront II is going to be faced with intense scrutiny given the controversy over the game’s loot box system. Even with microtransactions temporarily disabled it’s a poor system, and it’s one that will continue to dominate conversation around the game for the foreseeable future. The official announcement of the patch hedges against those complaints, saying “Rest assured, we will focus strongly on improving the game based on the feedback we get from everyone in our community in our upcoming patches.”

You can check out the full patch notes here. The 0.2 update is available now across PC and consoles.