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Battlefront 2 gets a jetpack mode and goes 60% off in Origin sale

battlefront 2 sale jetpack cargo

More than ever before, games these days get very cheap, very fast. Even with that in mind, it seems awfully soon for a AAA, multi-million seller like Star Wars: Battlefront II to be going this low in price, even with some significant controversies along the way.

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EA are hosting a major sale on their titles across all platforms, including Origin on PC. Battlefront II is down to $23.99, and recent releases like Need for Speed Payback and FIFA 18 are getting similarly steep discounts. This is, of course, also a chance to get deals on other big EA franchises, including Battlefield, Titanfall, The Sims, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect. The sale lasts through March 6.

The latest patch for Battlefront II also brings some major additions, including a new mode called Jetpack Cargo. As the name implies, it has you jumping around in jetpacks for the entire round while wielding rocket launchers. This mode will only be available for a “limited time.”

Patch 1.2 brings some balance changes for heroes across the board, including a more maneuverable Boba Fett and a deadlier Yoda. There’s plenty more, and you can see everything the full patch notes. Worth noting – because I know how you love Battlefront II’s progression system – you’ll now get a few more credits for duplicate items.