The cancelled Battlefront 3 lives on in the Legacy mod – here’s a bunch of new footage

Still no release date, but Battlefront 3 Legacy is continuing to progress

Battlefront 3 Legacy is a mod project aimed at bringing the content from the cancelled title back to life in Battlefront 2. If you’re a fan of the classic Star Wars series, you’ve probably heard of Legacy, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s vaporware. But it’s still in development, and the modders have put out a new video showcasing the project’s progress.

In addition to bits from the leaked Battlefront 3, Legacy puts its own spin on the formula, with plenty of original content and expanded era options for the original Battlefront 2 maps, including stuff built from the sequel trilogy and even The Force Unleashed and DICE’s modern Battlefront games.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the ground-to-space combat, which allows you to hop into a starship, offer support to ground troops, and then fly directly to space to join the battle there. Exactly when the mod will be released is still to be determined, and the official Discord and ModDB page are both filled with pleas for you to stop asking about a release date.

You can, however, already play Legacy thanks to an open beta, though it’s now a pretty old build of the project.

The video above is the latest, though you can find plenty more on Legacy’s YouTube page.

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DICE’s Battlefront 2 has managed to find an audience, though fans of the original version of the series have still been pining for the old days. Legacy continues to look impressive – hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it actually releases.