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Star Wars VR game in the works, as EA’s Battlefront 2 gets modded

A Star Wars VR game is in the works, as one modder starts rebuilding EA's FPS Battlefront 2 to make Tatooine and the Death Star more alive than ever

Star Wars VR game in the works, as EA's Battlefront 2 gets modded: Stormtroopers in white armour attack as the scene explodes behind them

A new Star Wars VR game is on its way, as one intrepid modder is rebuilding EA’s FPS Battlefront 2 to integrate full virtual reality, and bring classic George Lucas and Disney locations like Tatooine, Endor, and the Death Star to more vivid realisation than ever before.

The classic Battlefront games from 2004 and 2005 have already been modded to support VR, transforming the Star Wars FPS series into a more modern and immersive shooter experience but now, Ethan Porcaro, also known as Ifansnek, is creating a mod to bring VR support to the EA reboot Star Wars Battlefront 2, from 2017.

It’s a work in progress, but Porcaro claims the mod is “not some trick to make the game feel like VR. This is a full VR mod I’m making using C++ and function hooking.” Though still in its early stages, Porcaro is planning to launch a testing phase for the mod in the near future, and is integrating fixes to the field-of-view settings, and new options for VR movement controllers.

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The modder is also recruiting volunteers for the first testing phase, asking anyone interested in trying Battlefront 2 VR to apply via Discord and submit issues and bug reports to help improve the mod in the future. Although some technical snags are naturally still present, the initial footage makes it obvious how VR can up the ferocity and freneticism of EA’s FPS, with blaster lasers flying past your head, and that dull thump from a droid’s rifle feeling ever so much closer than before.

From Tatooine to Jakku and Hoth, we’ve always wanted to somehow visit Star Wars’ magical locations, and Battlefront 2 in VR sounds like the best option, even if it does mean sightseeing while dodging AT-ATs.

If you want to try Battlefront 2 VR when it comes out, make sure you’ve got the best VR headset. You might also want to jump into some other great FPS games, or maybe some large-scale battle royale games, to get that pulse-pounding, mass warfare experience before taking control of your favourite Jedi.