Battlefront 2 has spider drones and the creepiest old men

Star Wars Battlefront II Splash

Some leaked footage has popped up online for Battlefront 2, showing various behind the scenes moments of putting the game together. There’s also the barest hint of gameplay, all wrapped up in just enough legitimacy to make it believable. You can see all 13 seconds of action above.

Will this make an impact on our list of the best Star Wars games?

It comes via the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit, along with the dedicated Star Wars Leaks one.

Keen eyes will spot it’s clearly a handcam taken during a presentation of some sort, likely a pre-E3 screening of whatever making-of trailer they plan to show during EA’s Play event on the Saturday. Which, incidentally, has been confirmed to include gameplay.

In it, we see an exceptionally creepy old man version of Emperor Palpatine, rebels being knocked on their asses by Imperial soldiers, and one of those little flying spider drone things shocking a poor dude. It’s very likely the shots are taken from single-player, given that’s what EA will want to highlight as the big new feature.

It was joined by this leaked image of an apparent version of the class picking screen, showing a clone trooper getting outfitted. This comes from u/some_info, whose Reddit posting history has a number of claims about the new game. All of that is, obviously, unverified.

Battlefront 2’s due November 17, 2017. We’ll find out more about all this on June 10 at EA’s press conference – here’s the full E3 2017 schedule, in case you need it.