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Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC will be free and supported by loot boxes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Naboo Theed map

EA have shown off the first full multiplayer match in Battlefront II as part of their pre-E3 EA Play event. It’s on the new Theed map, set during the prequels on Naboo, and has droids and clone troopers fighting to decide which was the worst retcon inclusion in the franchise. And for a city. You can see it above.

Here’s what you want to know about Battlefront II’s release date, and everything else.

EA say this sequel with have three-times the content of the first game. Not only that, butCaptain Phasma and Finn will be added in Season Pass 1, which is going to be completely free.

In fact, all DLC will be free. The first lot will include Last Jedi maps, heroes, weapons, and vehicles.

Instead, Battlefront II will make its money via microtransactions, the game selling “crates” of virtual cards filled with cosmetics, split into common and rare categories.

EA are shifting their business model to live-service games, rather than risking fracturing their playerbase with paid expansions.

“We changed our approach to a live service,” said executive producer Matt Webster, via The Wall Street Journal. “It is a continual commitment to engage with our players.”

The multiplayer battle that was shown was a multi-stage conflict. One side has to attack the city by escorting a big tank, then take the palace over from the inside.

We see a bunch of classes, with players able to use a point system to buy advanced units, such as battle droids, hero characters, and vehicles.

As always, it looks and sounds amazing. With content from the prequel trilogy in there, it’s much more colourful, too, all blue skies and golden domes.