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Star Wars Battlefront 2 servers get Titanfall 2 style glow-up

A dedicated group of Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans have launched a series of shiny new servers so that you can keep the Empire at bay.

Although Star Wars Battlefront 2 is no longer the juggernaut of the FPS scene that it once was, a group of dedicated fans are looking to keep it alive in their own way.

Developed by the KYBER team, the eponymous custom server platform and dedicated launcher KYBER V2 aims to streamline the general experience of playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, in addition to giving the players themselves considerably more control over one of the best sci-fi FPS games.

The biggest addition with KYBER V2 is dedicated servers, emulating DICE’s systems to allow 24/7 servers; these can be either official servers operated by KYBER, community servers hosted by players, or private games for individual duels or practice sessions. All of these can be accessed by the new server browser, offering filtering and search functionality to find a custom server that hosts your ideal personalised Battlefront 2 experience.

This is paired with the mod browser, which lets players find and install mods without having to look up mods online or install separate mod manager software; just search in the browser in-game, install, add to collections and you’re set to go.

KYBER V2 even adds several smaller features such as proximity voice chat and spectator mode, making this the definitive version of Battlefront 2 to play.

This massive undertaking from the Battlefront 2 community has the potential to work out like the introduction of Titanfall 2’s fan-developed Northstar client a few years ago, creating dedicated servers amidst a sea of server issues that made the base game almost impossible to play online. Northstar almost singlehandedly revived Titanfall 2 and played a part in Respawn later fixing their proprietary servers, so who knows, we could see the same happen with Battlefront 2.

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