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The Battlefront 2 beta got a last-minute extension

Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta

Update, October 10: Don’t come a-knockin’ because the Battlefront II beta is still a-rockin’.

The open beta for Battlefront II was scheduled to come to a close yesterday after running through the weekend, but EA have gone and extended the action for another two days. I’m guessing it’s to capitalise on the hype of that way cool Last Jedi trailer.

Here’s everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront II.

Whatever the case, you can still hop on over to Origin, download the beta, and get to blasting your Star Wars-themed foe of choice.

The beta will continue until October 11 at 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET or October 12 at 3:00 AEDT. Clock’s ticking, friends.

Update, October 4:The Star Wars Battlefront II beta is live now for pre-order customers.

If you pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront II, you should be able to access the beta right now, until October 9. If you didn’t pre-order the game, you’ll have to wait until Friday, October 6 to get access.

With the game’s beta now live, details are coming out as to what’ll be coming to the full game. Among the most interesting to come out so far are a look at Emperor Palpatine’s abilities, and news that the game’s central campaign character, Iden Versio, will be playable as a villain in multiplayer.

If that weren’t enough Palpatine for you, players have also found out that the iconic ‘Sheevspin’ is present in the game, giving you your own taste of one of the film series’ most memorable moments.

Unfortunately, access to the beta seems a little inconsistent. There seem to be issues across all three platforms. For Origin users, an EA community post says “ome users who pre-ordered from the store during a certain period might not have automatically gotten in” to the beta. If you pre-ordered the game before October 2 but don’t have access, you should email Origin support.

Original Story, October 3:Star Wars Battlefront II’s open beta begins tomorrow, October 4. We’ve got a rundown on exactly when it’ll go live, as well as what you can expect to see before the beta ends on October 9.

The beta will release in two stages. The first stage is just for those who pre-ordered the game, whether they did so online or in-store. It’ll go live tomorrow, October 4, at the following times:

  • PDT: 01:00
  • EDT: 04:00
  • BST: 09:00
  • CEST: 10:00

The next stage opens the beta up to everyone else, kicking off on Friday, October 6 at the same times listed above. It’ll run until 09:00 PDT (17:00 BST) on Monday, October 9.

In terms of what the beta gives you access to, it’s pretty mammoth. In fact, this is one of the largest betas EA have ever done. You’ll get access to a Galactic Assault on Naboo, Strike mode on Takodana, and StarFighter Assault above Fondor. There’ll even be access to Arcade Mode, also on Naboo, and you’ll also get five daily challenges which offer rewards throughout the beta.

Star Wars Battlefront II will release November 17. You can check out its system requirements here.