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Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer suggests campaign will star Imperial pilot heroine

Star Wars Battlefront II

A leaked teaser trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II centres around a new heroine and features characters from all three eras of the Star Wars story, with the title card even promising heroes from the forthcoming film, The Last Jedi, as a pre-order bonus. 

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The trailer was posted toVimeoand is embedded below. Have a watch soon, as it’s likely to be taken down.

As you’ve now hopefully seen for yourself, it opens with a shot of a woman standing among Imperial troops, staring up at the second Death Star as it’s destroyed (the forest around them indicates they’re on Endor’s moon). Later in the trailer, an in-game character says “avenge our Emperor”, and the words “The Untold Soldier’s Story” flash up on screen. Nothing’s confirmed, of course, but the implication is that Battlefront II’s single-player campaign (which we know it will have) will feature a female protagonist, fighting for the Empire – at least at first.

On the title card at the end of the trailer, the central figure is an Imperial pilot, and there are many clips of starfighters and space battles throughout the trailer. This further suggests we’ll see large-scale space battles, including in the campaign.

Some of that’s a bit speculative, but trailer text confirms that you can “fight multiplayer battles across all eras”, and shots of Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and Rey clearly indicate that all three movie trilogies will be featured.

Star Wars Battlefront II title card

The addition of a single-player campaign addresses one of the fans’ most common complaints about the original, and if true, large-scale space battles fixes another. Are you excited?