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Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes guide


Star Wars Battlefront II puts you in control of a host of heroes and villains from across the Star Wars universe. Whether you’re twirling Rey’s lightsaber or taking to the skies as Boba Fett, you will need to know what you’re doing – they cost a lot of Battle Points and you don’t want to save up only to just die instantly, after all. But that’s where our Battlefront II heroes guide comes in. 

If you’d rather stick with the regular ground troops, try our Star Wars Battlefront II class guide.

We’ve put together a list of these heroes and villains, along with all the cool skills and boost cards they can use, to give you a chance to get ready for war. There are currently 14 heroes and villains available, with more to come in free DLC.

Han Solo

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Han Solo

Detonite Charge
Han throws a sticky charge which can be detonated at will.
Han can fire the DL-44 rapidly for the next few seconds.
Shoulder Charge
Han charges forwards, knocking over and damaging the first enemy he hits.

Boost Cards:
Sharpshooting Frenzy
Each defeat with Sharpshooter will reduce the recharge time before the ability can be used again.
All In
Each defeat with a Shoulder Charge tackle will reduce the recharge time before the ability can be used again.
Sharpshooter Calm
Sharpshooter has a longer duration.
Heavily Modified Blaster
An improved capacitor allows Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster builds less heat when firing.
Broad Shoulders
Han Solo takes less damage when using Shoulder Charge.
Air Burst
If Detonite Charge is detonated before attaching to a surface, it will deal bonus damage.
Head Games
Scoring three headshot hits in a row without hitting any other body part will reset a part of all Han Solo’s abilities recharge time.
Keep Your Head Cool
After each headshot kill, Han Solo is able to fire his DL-44 blaster without overheating for a short period.
Big Bang
Letting the Detonite Charge sit for five seconds after it has attached to a surface will increase its blast radius.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Rey

Dash Strike
Rey charges forward with her lightsaber, dealing damage to enemies on the way.
Mind Trick
Rey causes nearby enemies to be dazed and confused for a brief duration.
Rey senses her surroundings, revealing all nearby enemies to her. Stamina and damage are also increased while the ability is active.

Boost Cards:
Far Sight
Insight has an increased area of effect.
Focused Sight
Insight will be active for a longer period of time.
Street Fighter
As a self-trained fighter, Rey’s melee strikes drain less stamina.
Whenever Rey defeats an enemy trooper, she regains twenty health and whenever she defeats an enemy villain she regains even more.
Strong Mind
Mind trick has an increased area of effect.
Deep Mind
Mind trick has a longer duration on targets that are revealed by Insight.
Rey deals bonus damage to enemies affected by any immobilizing effect, including Mind Trick.
Resilient Dash
Rey receives less damage while charging forward with Dash Strike.
Damaging Strike
Rey will deal more damage with Dash Strike for each target.

Boba Fett

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Boba Fett

For The Hunt
Enemies around Boba Fett are revealed for a short period of time. Boba Fett vanishes from enemy radars and can utilise unlimited jetpack fuel.
Rocket Barrage
A hail of small rockets is launched from Boba Fett’s gauntlet.
Concussion Rocket
Boba Fett fires a single concussion shot, dazing enemies caught in the blast.

Boost Cards:
Information Sharing
For The Hunt will reveal enemies for your allies for a part of its duration.
Extended Exposure
For The Hunt reveals enemies for a longer duration.
Acute Concussion
Concussion Rocket will concuss enemies for a longer duration.
Blaster Disabler
Enemies concussed by Concussion Rocket will also have their blasters disabled for a period of time.
Quick Refill
Boba Fett’s jetpack fuel refills faster when not being used.
Intense Barrage
Rocket Barrage fires faster, increasing the total number of rockets fired.
Fuel Efficiency
Boba Fett’s Jet Pack fuel resource deplete slower when flying.
Death From Above
Boba Fett takes less damage when using Rocket Barrage while flying with his jetpack.
Anti-Hero Rockets
Rocket Barrage deals bonus damage to enemy Heroes.

Darth Maul

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Darth Maul

Spin Attack
Darth Maul goes into a high velocity lightsaber spin attack and leaps forwards
Choke Hold
Darth Maul uses the Force to choke his enemies and throw them to the ground.
Furious Throw
Darth Maul hurls his lightsaber, damaging all enemies it touches.
Passive: Frenzy
As Darth Maul eliminates more enemies his ability cooldowns are lowered.

Boost Cards:
Ranged Throw
Furious Throw travels farther.
Accelerated Throw
Darth Maul flings his Furious Throw more violently, making it deal more damage.
Forceful Thrust
Choke Hold throws the enemy farther away.
Thrown To Slow
When Darth Maul Choke Holds two or more enemies, the damage is increased.
Unrolled Grip
Choke Hold has an increased area of effect.
Flow Motion
Darth Maul can do one extra Spin Attack, but the recharge rate is slightly slower. Lightsaber Defense
Darth Maul receives less damage from blasters.
Frantic Strikes
Melee strikes will drain less stamina.
Fool Me Once
The recharge rate is faster for all Darth Maul’s abilities


Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Bossk

Dioxis Grenade
A thrown grenade which releases a potent cloud of dioxis gas that will damage enemies who stand within.
Predator Instinct
Bossk loads his gun with high-damage micro grenades and engages his Trandoshan instincts, gaining thermal vision and enhancing his physical strength.
Proximity Mines
Bossk throws out three sticky mines that detonate on proximity trigger, dealing high damage.

Boost Cards:
Spreading The Disease
Dioxis Grenade cloud is wider and thicker.
Lingering Dioxis
Dioxis Grenade will spew out smoke for a longer duration.
Trap Arming Speed
The Proximity Mines will arm and activated faster when deployed.
Bossk throws out two additional Proximity Mines that have a larger detonation radius.
Name Your Poison
Bossk will regain a small amount of health each second he stays within the cloud from the Dioxis Grenade.
Unrelenting Predator
For every enemy Bossk defeats while Predator Instincts is active, the recharge time of his other abilities are shortened.
Sniper Expert
Each headshot will instantly disable Bossk’s Relby V-10 blaster overheat for a short period.
Ultimate Predator
Every enemy Bossk defeats while Predator Instincts is active will extend the ability’s duration.
Predator Resilience
While Predator Instincts is active, Bossk becomes less vulnerable to damage.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Chewbacca

Shock Grenade
Chewbacca throws a grenade which can be broken into a cluster of smaller missiles which electrocute enemies they hit.
Furious Bowcaster
Chewbacca roars and overcharges his bowcaster, enabling him to fire fully charged shots with no charge time.
Charge Slam
Chewbacca charges forward and slams his fists into the ground when retriggered, dealing high damage and knocking enemies off their feet. This ability can be activated from the air.

Boost Cards:
Echoing Roar
For every enemy Chewbacca defeats while Furious Bowcaster is active it will extend its duration.
Furious Resilience
Chewbacca receives less damage from blasters while Furious Bowcaster is active.
Extended Shock
The Shock Grenade will shock enemies for a longer duration, but has a 20% longer recharge time.
The Shock Grenade splits into more parts, shocking a wider area.
Charging Frenzy
Chewbacca receives less damage while using Charge Slam.
Wookiee Berserker
Chewbacca’s melee attacks are stronger and deal more damage.
Bonus Health
Chewbacca has increased maximum health.
Shocked and Vulnerable
Enemies that are hit by Shock Grenade will be more vulnerable to all damage for the shock duration.
Charge Slam deals bonus damage to enemies that are within half the radius of its blast.

Darth Vader

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Darth Vader

Lightsaber Throw
Darth Vader throws his lightsaber, cutting through and dealing damage to any enemies in the way.
Focused Rage
Darth Vader channels the dark side of the Force and focusses his rage. His melee strikes drain no stamina and deal bonus damage.
Darth Vader chokes a cluster of enemies ahead of him, dragging them off the ground and through the air to drop them into danger.

Boost Cards:
Fueling the Rage
Every enemy Darth Vader defeats while Focused Rage is active will extend its duration.
Furious Resilience
Darth Vader receives less damage while Focused Rage is active.
Bonus Health
Darth Vader has increased maximum health.
Dark Lord
Whenever Darth Vader defeats an enemy trooper, he regains twenty health. Whenever he defeats an enemy hero, he regains even more.
Deflection Stamina
Deflecting blaster projectiles will drain less stamina.
There Is No Escape
Lightsaber Throw travels farther.
Intensified Lightsaber Throw
Lightsaber Throw deals bonus damage to enemies hit by it a second time in one throw.
Punishing Grip
Enemies that are Choked will have a tougher time releasing themselves from Darth Vader’s grip.
Last Gasp
Darth Vader deals more damage when Choking two or more enemies.

Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Emperor Palpatine

Chain Lightning
Emperor Palpatine unleashes a burst of lightning which hits a target and spreads to those around them.
Dark Aura
Emperor Palpatine charges the air around him with Force energy, damaging those around him and slowing their movement.
Emperor Palpatine electrocutes enemies in front of him, immobilizing them.

Boost Cards:
Forked Lightning
Electrocute has an increased area of effect.
Prime Electrocution
Electrocute will shock enemies for a longer duration if it hits three or more targets.
Amplified Aura
If there are three or more enemies within Dark Aura, it deals bonus damage.
Growing Darkness
Dark Aura grows larger and larger for as long as it is active.
Lightning Absorption
Every target struck by Chain Lightning will heal Emperor Palpatine for a small amount of health.
Surge of Lightning
Chain Lightning can bounce to more targets.
The Rule Of Two
Emperor Palpatine’s two-handed lightning attack deals bonus damage to enemies that are Electrocuted.
Lightning Reach
Emperor Palpatine’s lightning attacks have increased range.
In Full Control
Emperor Palpatine’s lightning attacks drain less stamina.

Iden Versio

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Iden Versio

Stun Droid
Iden sends her droid to an enemy in front of her, stunning the target. The stun can chain to nearby enemies.
Pulse Cannon
An incredibly powerful long-range rifle utilizing the frame assembly of a DLT-20A. The shots are charged for maximum damage.
Droid Shield
Iden’s droid creates a shield around her, protecting her from incoming blaster damage.

Boost Cards:
Pulse Cannon Mastery
Whenever Iden Versio hits someone with Pulse Cannon she will reveal them for her and her allies for a short period of time.
Alternative Methods
Iden Versio’s TL-50 can use its alternate fire more frequently.
Sturdy Shield
Droid Shield has more maximum health.
Shield Sustain
Droid Shield will be active for a longer time.
Shock Reach
Stun Droid has an increased area of effect when it shocks enemies.
Acquiring Targets
Stun Droid has an increased area of effect when searching for viable targets.
Hot Swap
Pulse Cannon has a shorter recharge time.
Droid Batteries
Stun Droid and Droid Shield both have decreased recharge time.
Cooled Blaster
Iden Versio’s TL-50 builds less heat when fired.

Kylo Ren

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren uses the Force to pull enemies ahead off their feet and towards him.
Kylo Ren enters a frenzied rage and leaps from enemy to enemy, striking them with his lightsaber.
Kylo Ren freezes all enemies in front of him, immobilizing them for a duration.

Boost Cards:
Closing In
Kylo Ren can leap a longer distance when attacking with his Frenzy attack.
Kylo Ren can strike more times with his Frenzy attack.
Total Control
If Kylo Ren freezes more than three enemies the duration of Freeze is longer.
Solid Freeze
Freeze has an increased area of effect.
Harsh Pull
Pull will now also damage enemies.
Power Reach
Pull has an increased area of effect.
Berserking Tantrum
Kylo Ren’s lightsaber strikes drain less stamina.
Bloodletting Frenzy
While Kylo Ren’s health is below 25% he will deal bonus damage with his lightsaber.
Whenever Kylo Ren is in close proximity of another villain he is strengthened and deals more damage with his lightsaber strikes.

Lando Calrissian

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Lando

Smoke Grenade
Lando Calrissian throws a smoke grenade which obscures the view of his enemies, but not of his Night Sniper’s thermal scope.
Sharp Shot
Lando Calrissian focuses on up to five enemies before delivering a flurry of powerful shots against each one.
Lando Calrissian deploys a sticky device which reveals nearby enemies and disrupts their radars. He can overcharge this disabler at any time to shock enemies around it.

Boost Cards:
Lingering Smoke
Smoke Grenade lingers for a longer duration.
Welcome to Cloud City
Smoke Grenade cloud is larger and thicker.
Disabler Lifetime
Lando Calrissian’s Disabler will stick around for a longer period before it auto-detonates.
Disabler Growth
The area of effect of the Disabler will grow larger over the course of five seconds after attaching to a surface.
Quick Shock
If the Disabler is detonated within 5 seconds of attaching to a surface, the shock explosion is stronger and enemies are shocked for a longer duration.
Wide Eyed
Sharp Shot can target enemies at a longer distance.
Maximized Efficiency
If Sharp Shot hits three or more targets, the recharge time to the next one is reduced.
In The Zone
Disabled overheat lasts longer when perfectly cooling the X-8 Night Sniper blaster.
Hot and Cold
Lando Calrissian has more base maximum health.

Leia Organa

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Leia Organa

Flash Grenade
Leia Organa throws a flash grenade which detonates on impact, blinding and confusing enemies in the blast area.
Rapid Fire
Leia Organa swaps her blaster for an enhanced E-11 Assault Rifle which allows her to blast enemies with a stream of aggressive laser fire.
Squad Shield
Leia Organa deploys a squad shield at her location. The shield protects her and those inside from blaster fire.

Boost Cards:
Optimized Shield Deployment
Leia Organa can deploy the Squad Shield more often, as the recharge time is reduced.
Shield Durability
Squad Shield has increased maximum health.
High Spirit
Leia Organa can regenerate more base health.
Flash Grenade will blind enemies for a longer period.
Blinding Reveal
Enemies that are blinded by Flash Grenade are also revealed to Leia for a short period.
Rebel Heart
Leia Organa receives less damage while wielding the E-11 rapid fire blaster.
Relentless Firing
The E-11 rapid fire blaster can be wielded for a longer period.
For The Rebellion
Whenever Leia Organa defeats an enemy trooper, she regains twenty health and whenever she defeats an enemy villain she regains even more.
Laser Brain
The alternate fire on Leia Organa’s Defender blaster deals bonus damage.

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker uses the Force to push enemies in front of him, knocking them over ledges or into danger.
Luke Skywalker sends a burst of Force energy out from the ground, dealing damage to any enemies nearby.
Luke Skywalker uses the Force to enhance his speed and quickly move in any direction.

Boost Cards:
Rush Immunity
Every Rush makes Luke Skywalker more resistant to damage for three seconds.
Jedi Reflexes
Luke Skywalker can do one extra Rush, but the recharge time is slightly increased.
Strong Repulse
Repulse has an increased area of effect.
Jedi Fighter
Luke Skywalker’s melee strikes and blaster deflections both drain less stamina.
Deflection Mastery
Blocked blaster shots are deflected super accurately, but drain more stamina.
Cleansing The Darkness
Whenever Luke Skywalker defeats an empire soldier he regains twenty health and whenever he defeats an enemy villain he regains even more.
Stronger Push
Push has greater knockback.
Extended Push Reach
Push as an increased area of effect.
Repulse will deal bonus damage to targets standing within half of its radius.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes Yoda

Unleash the Force in a cone in front of Yoda, damaging and pushing enemies back. When Yoda blocks damage using his block ability, the range and damage of Unleash increases for a short time.
Yoda instantly heals himself and allies around him.
Dash Attack
Yoda leaps forward, dealing damage to enemies he hits on the way. He can perform the move 3 times in quick succession.

Boost Cards:
Earned It I Have
The area of effect of Unleash grows faster when absorbing blaster shots.
The area of effect of Unleash minimum size is larger.
Master of the Force
When the Unleash radius is at maximum distance, unleashing it will deal bonus damage.
Enduring Presence
Presence in active for a longer duration.
Feel The Force
Presence gives Yoda more bonus health when activated.
Yoda can do one extra Dash Attack, but the recharge rate is slightly lower.
Lightsaber Mastery
Yoda swings his lightsaber with ease, draining less stamina when striking.
Opposing The Dark Side
Yoda deals more damage with his lightsaber strikes to villains.
Jedi Mentor
Yoda receives less overall damage.