DICE teases a new Star Wars Battlefront mode and will be bringing gameplay to E3

Star Wars Battlefront E3

DICE has announced when we’ll be able to slap our squishy orbs of sight on some proper Star Wars Battlefront gameplay, and to no one’s surprise, it’s going to be at E3, which isn’t far off. Along with the gameplay announcement, DICE revealed a new mode, which we actually saw a wee bit of in the trailer. 

Fighter Squadron is the mode in question, and it sounds a bit like Battlefront 2’s space battles, but, you know, now actually in space.

“[W]e have created new game modes and made new maps to cater to their specific experience,” design director Niklas Fegraeus explains. “You could see a tiny snippet of this in our trailer where you saw the Fighter Squadron mode, where you engage in huge Starfighter battles over canyons big enough to be truly epic.”

Hopefully there will still be plenty of opportunities to jump into a Rebel or Imperial craft and blast some foes from the skies in regular battles, too.

Star Wars Battlefront is due out on November 17th.