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EA reveals Star Wars Battlefront gameplay, affronts canon with playable Luke fighting Vader on Hoth

AT AT shoots fleeing rebels

EA showed off the most extensive gameplay footage get of Star Wars Battlefront, with a five minute gameplay trailer capturing the Battle of Hoth reinterpreted as a military shooter multiplayer level.

With waves of advancing, player-controlled walkers, player-flown snowspeeders and TIE Fighters whirling overhead, and tons of stormtroopers and Rebel infantry battling in ice trenches, it was pure catnip to Star Wars fans.

DICE’s Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir introduced the footage at EA’s press conference, explaining how Lucas have “opened their sacred vaults” to let EA build the most film-authentic version of Star Wars yet.

She also talked about how the game scales from 40 player multiplayer battles to “more intimate” 8 player modes. You’ll be able to fly spaceships and, most importantly, play as hero characters. Then she showed some gameplay in which Vader was laying waste to Rebel defenders on Hoth, only to be confronted by Luke Skywalker (who didn’t seem bothered about the cold despite wearing his thin black suit from Return of the Jedi).

But this is a case where a trailer is worth a thousand words. The massive Battle of Hoth, with players in control of tons of vehicles and battling waves of enemy troops in the trenches, was pretty much everything Star Wars fans have wanted since they started making Star Wars games.