Star Wars Battlefront is getting a single-player mode with bots on July 20

Star Wars

One of the biggest criticisms fans have levelled at Star Wars Battlefron is its lack of a single-player campaign. Though I’m sure it’s something EA and DICE will make up for with the sequel, many felt like it was a missed opportunity. EA have been listening, though, and Star Wars Battlefront is getting a new ‘Skirmish’ single-player mode on July 20. 

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While it’s not a full-fat campaign, Skirmish lets you take on bots acrossWalker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback and your desire for more offline modes. Today we’re excited to officially announce a new mode, Skirmish, for all Star Wars Battlefront players,” says the official release.

Now, the paragraph that follows makes things a little confusing, suggesting the mode isn’t coming to PC. However, we’re inclined to think EA mean split-screen isn’t coming to PC, and it’s just a badly-judged paragraph. We have reached out to clarify, but here it is in full:

“The new mode will be available starting July 20 and offers players the option to play offline against bots in a solo mission or with a friend using co-op split screen. (Console only) Skirmish can be played on a difficulty level of your choosing and across two modes, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron. With multiple locations that span the galaxy, from the frozen planet of Hoth to the lava encrusted planet of Sullust, we hope Skirmish brings players a new way to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront.”

“Console only” should really be at the end of the previous sentence if they’re talking about split-screen, but we have contacted EA and will let you know as soon as it’s cleared up. I can’t see why they’d hold an entire game mode back for PC.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for theEA Star Wars Panel livestream on Saturday, July 16 at 11am PDT, as that’s going to show off a sneak peek at the upcoming Death Star expansion.