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Star Wars: Battlefront wants to impress you with its Lucasfilm endorsed authenticty

Star Wars Battlefront dev diary

DICE have been working away on Battlefront to try and ensure it is a photo and audio realistic depiction of a galaxy far, far away. To make sure the details are perfect down to the individual pixel and note, the developer team have been globe trotting. They’ve visited the location sets of the Star Wars trilogy’s greatest battles, scoured the warehouses that contain the original props, and dropped by Skywalker Sound to take a listen to the films’ original audio. The adventures have all been captured in a series of developer diaries, the first one of which you can watch right now.  

To get everything looking just right, DICE visited the Star Wars vault of miniatures, models, and props in order to create completely faithful digital recreations. Finally Stormtroopers will have all the scratches and imperfections on their helmets that make them convincing soldiers of the ‘used future’. They also flew out to places like theHardangerjøkulen glacier in Norway – the shooting locations for the Battle of Hoth – to ensure their recreations of these planets is completley accurate.

Star Wars as as famous for its sound effects as it is its visuals, and so the dev team visited Skywalker Sound in order to capture the original films’ sound effects for use in the game. Each pew pew and bzzuummm will be exactly as you remember them.

The footage in the diary is just the trailer re-cut so nothing new there, but it’s good to see that an incredible amount of effort is being put into making Battlefront authentic.